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About Born Digital Books

Bookshelves New 4Born Digital Books is an independent publisher of children’s picture books and stories that feature an underlying theme of technology. Our vision is to introduce young children to the technology they see around them everyday through stories, while also promoting early conversations about appropriate use, social interactions and online safety.

Children use books to learn about the world around them, expand their vocabulary and organise their understanding of behaviours and events. It does not matter whether their books are electronic or physical, game based or read aloud – what matters is that children have access to stories that have relevance to their lives and can scaffold their approach to the increasingly digital world they inhabit.

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Webster’s Email

Webster’s Email is a new picture book that gently introduces the vocabulary and etiquette of email technology to young readers.

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“Webster’s Email” by Hannah Whaley is a cute story for children, with a very big lesson inside.

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This is an interestingly timely themed book for children – the power of technology!

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A simple yet educational tale of an email Webster sends – it ends up being circulated to (merely) 20 people but gives the idea that you lose all control once you’ve sent an email.

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The pictures are colorful and elegant and will spark some imagination in readers.

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