Press Release: Webster’s Email – The Activity Book

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New Activity Book Released to Accompany Webster’s Email


Dundee, Scotland – January 6th 2015 – Packed with puzzles, games and colouring-in! Webster’s Email adventures continue in this exciting new activity book, based on the original children’s picture book.


Further extending the educational opportunities offered by the original Webster’s Email (Born Digital Books, August 2014) picture book, this new accompanying activity book reinforces the vocabulary associated with email technology, counting to 20, and the topic of oversharing online.


Word, number and colour puzzles are included alongside mazes, quizzes, colouring-in and plenty of drawing fun! Each is designed to emphasise the unintended consequences of Webster’s email, highlighting how many people it reached, and who they sent it on to themselves.


This new activity book will be a useful resource to parents, teachers and children’s librarians.


Webster’s Email and Webster’s Email: The Activity Book are available now on Amazon in paperback.
For more information, or to request a review copy, visit or email sales @




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