About Born Digital Books

Bookshelves New 4Born Digital Books is an independent publisher of children’s picture books and stories that feature an underlying theme of technology. Our vision is to introduce young children to the technology they see around them everyday through stories, while also promoting early conversations about appropriate use, social interactions and online safety.

Children use books to learn about the world around them, expand their vocabulary and organise their understanding of behaviours and events. It does not matter whether their books are electronic or physical, game based or read aloud – what matters is that children have access to stories that have relevance to their lives and can scaffold their approach to the increasingly digital world they inhabit.

As technology has become commonplace around the home, the new generation of ‘digital natives’ need no help in getting to grips with the devices they encounter – anyone who has watched a toddler with an iPad for half an hour will know how absurdly quick they are at mastering new tech. However, children do still need help to develop social skills and that now includes online interactions. Conversations about stranger danger and kindness to others are not left until adolescence, and neither should discussions about online safety and cyber bullying.


Despite this, technology rarely features in children’s picture books as a central theme, and is often conspicuous by its absence even in the background. There are a number of underlying industry factors that cause this:


  • Most children’s picture books are still written, edited and published by the baby boomer generation who are, by nature, more indifferent towards technology than the subsequent technology driven generations.
  • Publishers will reject content that can date easily. TV’s, phones, computers, tablets are all big parts of your toddler’s life today, but may quickly be replaced by newer models and cause books to look out of date.
  • Most picture books that are sold today were actually written many years ago, often in pre-internet days. Some of the current best-sellers are from the seventies.
  • Picture books can take up to 2 years to work through the traditional publishing process and reach shops. A lot can change in two years with technology – smartphones, mobile devices, apps, wearable tech – all have a much quicker production cycle than traditional book publishing.


None of these factors change the need for children to be able to read about the technology their family uses everyday around the home.


Born Digital Books aim to address these anomolies by focusing on the publication of picture books and stories that include technology as both primary and background themes. We will create traditional physical books, ebooks and apps to tell these stories. We have developed modern publishing processes to create a faster release schedule. We will market and sell online only to ensure we reach the new generation of tech savvy parents, teachers and librarians. We will promote #kidlittech on all social channels and champion the inclusion of technology in children’s books.