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Technology Book for Tots Launched

Dundee, Scotland – September 10, 2014 – With one click, Webster’s email is on its way… but where will it stop?

This is the question posed to young readers of the new children’s book Webster’s Email (Born Digital Books, September 10), as the little spider from the title begins to regret emailing a funny picture of his sister. This rhyming story gathers pace as his email reaches more and more people, providing count-along story telling opportunities for parents, before reaching a witty conclusion to the action.
The debut work of author/illustrator Hannah Whaley, the book has an attractive modern style that combines cartoonish minimalism, with a variety of colourful characters emerging throughout the story to keep children entertained. It’s also the first in a series of books aimed at gently introducing topics about responsible technology use to children.

“Its right that we try to subtly introduce the language, pitfalls and realities of the online world to our kids,” says Hannah Whaley, who is also the founder and creative force behind Born Digital Books, a new independent publisher of technology focussed childrens books. “They are growing up with technology, so there is no point waiting until they are teenagers to start giving them social cues about it.”
But are books really the right way to introduce youngsters to technology? Although it may sound a little backward at first, the Born Digital Books team believe it is a crucial missing link.

They reason that although children are drawn to technology, they also continue to enjoy stories. It is notable that picture books are the only area of physical book sales to resist the decline, and children’s ebook sales are rising sharply. Despite picture books being a time-tested way of helping children make sense of the world around them, very few books include the technology that they see everyday in their homes.

“While other publishers are reluctant to feature technology for fear it will age a book rapidly, we are ready to provide the stories that can introduce these important topics to kids.”

Hannah certainly has the right credentials to judge this. With a degree in applied computing, a UK Learning Technologist of the Year title and a career in academic library management, she knows the industry well.

As a new type of digitally focussed publishing company, Born Digital Books are harnessing modern publication processes to establish a rapid publishing cycle. They plan to market and sell online only to ensure visibility with tech-conscious parents, teachers and librarians.
Webster’s Email is available now on Amazon in paperback, and will be followed shortly with a Kindle version and further titles in the series.

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