Request a free review copy of Webster’s Email!

Request a Review CopyWe are excited about our new release and are looking for bloggers, reviewers, and children’s book enthusiasts to spread the word! We have a limited number of free paperback copies of the new picture book Webster’s Email, which we are now sending out. Full details of the book (along with text and high res images you can use in your review) are available in our media kit.

To get your hands on a free copy all you need to do is email sales @ or fill in the contact form at and tell a few details:

1. Where will you review it? Are you a kids book blogger? An instagrammer? A prolific Amazon or Goodreads reviewer? Are your audience or followers or fans interested in children’s books or technology? Tell us as much as you can about what you would do with a review copy.

2. Name and address so we know who and where to send the book to.

3. Contact email address.

We will pick a bunch of lucky reviewers based on the credentials you supply and post the books out. If chosen, you are agreeing to post an online review of the book within 28 days of reciept. We will be super sad if you don’t. Reviews can be impartial and it’s ok to let people know we supplied the book if that is your preference. You can use any of the text or images in the media kit we provide.

Contact us now! We’re waiting!

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